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Base Station Antennas
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"We are leading designer and manufacturer of Base Station Antennas for OEMSs & Network Operators "
  • The RFS portfolio of base station antennas suits all mobile standards in all frequency bands. The range covers all mobile applications from analog or digital cellular to two-way and trucking  systems. This includes models for total coverage solutions with different footprints, patterns, gains and tilt types. Designed to meet the toughest requirements in terms of applications and functional operation, all antennas are manufactured with premium quality materials for extensive maintenance-free operation
  • Remote Electrical Title Antenna Control
  • Directional Panel Antennas
    • Single and broadband cross-polarized variable tilt
    • Single and broadband cross-polarized fix tilt.
    • Single band vertical polarized variable tilt
    • Single and broadband vertical polarized fixed tilt
    • Dual band cross-polarized fixed tilt
    • Dual band vertical polarized fixed tilt
    • Triple band cross-polarized
  • Omni-directional Antennas
  • Penetrating Antennas
  • Other Directional Antennas
  • Antenna Mounting Hardware and Accessories

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