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Microwave Antennas
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Microwave Antennas
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Branching out with four-foot CompactLine®
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"We offer a full range of microwave products for all types of

  • Solid parabolic microwave antennas, standard and high performace antennas, as well as antennas with high cross polarization discrimination and broadband antennas
  • RFS SlimLine® antennas and RFS CompactLine® antennas for short-haul microwave systems and point-to-point transmission links in cellular, broadcast, and private user networks.
  • Products for rural microwave point-to-point including grid, omni and yagi antennas.
  • FLEXWELL® elliptical waveguides provide a flexible transmission line with superior electrical characteristics.
  • Low loss overmoded waveguides for applications requiring critical power transition.
  • Products for broadband wireless applications including sector, omni directional and subscriber antennas.

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