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RFS(Radio Frequency Systems) - a global leader in the development of wireless systems. In designing, manugacturing and supplying optimized solutions for each wireless application -  either for cellular telephony, point-to-point communications or broadcasting - RFS is uniquely placed to support both the current and next generation in wireless networks.
RFS produces the world's most advanced feeder cables; the design of revolutionary RF sub-assemblies, as evidenced by the latest RFS polymer filters; the pioneering use of directional waveguide combining technology to dramatically improve the capabilities  of broadcast systems; and the introduction of remote electrical tilt in cellular base-station antennas.
With manufacturing facilities and over 31 offices located at all key centers of wireless activity around the world, RFS is a company with truly global reach. The last 50 years have seen RFS transform from a provider of transmission lines to a company that offers the world's most comprehensive RF technology selection.


Remotek Corporation specializes in Research, Design and Production of RF Repeater  Solutions for all types of mobile radio network , RF components and the provision of relevant services. It has become a leading force in the field of cellular repeater R&D, manufacturing and coverage systems for service providers of mobile communication globally.
Remotek has a solid track record of successful deployments to service providers worldwide.

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