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Transmission Lines
Transmission Lines
General Information
CELLFLEX® 'A' Series Coaxial Cable
CELLFLEX® Foam Coaxial Cable
CELLFLEX® Connectors
FLEXWELL® Elliptical Waveguide
HELIFLEX® Air Coaxial Cable
Jumper Cables
Pressurization Equipment
RADIAFLEX® Radiating Cable
Base Station Antennas
Wireless Districuted Communication Systems
Microwave Antennas
RF Conditioning
Broadcase & HF Antenna Systems
RF Repeaters
"We offer a full range of coaxial transmission line products
  • Cellflex Foam Dielectric Cables
  • RG Type Braided Cables
  • HELIFLEX Air Dielectric Cables
  • Connector All Types
  • CELLFLEX Foam Jumpers
  • Accessories
    • Cable Hangers
    • Trimming Tools
    • Grounding Kits
    • Weatherproofing Kits
    • Hoisting Grips
    • Cold Shrink Kits
  • EMP Protection Devices
  • Attenuators and Adapters

    For detailed technical specifications, please visit  www.rfsworld.com

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